Game Project : Les aventures de Mishee Baguerra

My role

As a professional developer and hobbyist musician, I'll do all the code en most of the music.

Seeking for a 2D artist

I need help for achieving all the level's graphics, enemies, objects, backgrounds. If you are a 2D artist ready to work in the styles listed above (see the Genesis games Mr Nutz, The Lion King and Rayman on PS1), feel free to contact me.


"The evil El Minetto stole all the cat food. Mishee Baguerra needs to find him to save all the cats from hunger. She will discover the whole story isn't that simple, as there is a lot more to do than defeating El Minetto"


Basic C++ platformer engine made in a few days, it was quite straightforward since i've already done many platformer prototypes

Added support for slopes (a real pain), some basic tiles and the ability to interact with objects

Improved graphics from stuff I've made. The nice 6-layer parallax background was made by Desix Studios

Mishee's sprites are nicely animated - I've done them with the help of a friend